Dog Dreams


Escondido, California


1 acre Rural Residential


In Progress


This project envisions creating sustainable, spacious, and multifunctional new facilities to deliver comfortable compassionate care and physical therapy services for canines.

Phase I is designed to prep the entire site for all three phases of Tsavo’s expansion, and to utilize smart, sustainable, prefabricated design and construction elements to help reduce the cost while maximizing the project buildout. Phase I includes the construction of a 1,500 square foot treatment facility, a 1,200 square foot indoor hydrotherapy pool, outdoor grooming area, dog runs, and a new ADA accessible parking lot for clients to bring their kids to our center. We have taken great care to incorporate all of the amenities and features needed to fully transition and grow Tsavo’s from its current 1,200 square feet of space, to the breathtaking four acre live/work property on Country Club Drive in Escondido.

Phase II brings the addition of a 20-dog cage free specialty boarding facility. This building will be equipped specifically for medical, handicapped, and senior dogs who are either participating in intensive rehabilitation or are requiring temporary care. Each room will be furnished with home-like settings, with access to the outside.

Phase III is our crown jewel. Once operations are stabilized, we will begin planning, design, and construction of a world-class licensed Veterinary Hospital Facility. This will be permitted hospital space for emergency Veterinary services, and will be equipped to provide the most advance and compassionate medical and holistic treatment for canines in California.